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Kudumi or Sikha Hairstyle


When it comes to hairstyle everyone tries to be unique. There are number of choice in the market when it comes to hairstyles. The hairstyles that suit your stature must be chosen. The hairstyle must not go against your body language. A Person with a short stature looks tremendously awful with a long fringed hair.

Kudumi or Sikha hairstyles are traditional still trendy hairstyles. These hair styles have originated themselves from India. These hairstyles where previously done by the sagas or Brahmins. They did not have hair all through their head; the hair was concentrated in the middle and was grown long. This long hair was then tied on one side of the head and was left hanging. Now with the change in trend this style is back. This style is mostly seen in women with long hair. This long hair can be straight or can be little wavy.

This Sikha or Kudumi hairstyle can be created by tying a not in your hair with the locks in a bun shape and can be left in the side of the head. Preferably the left side is chosen to hang the bun of hair. This gives a classy look with a neat hair. This was seen as fashionable in the late 60’s but now the trend has returned and women loves have this hairstyle. This style also is made more attractive by adding glitters on the hair or by applying some creams which turns the hair glossy. The hairstyle can also refer to the fact that the tied hair can be hung on any side as well as the fore head as per your desire.

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