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Liberty Spikes Hairstyle


These liberty spikes are worn by the punk rockers and they have an amazing way of creation. The first step is to grow the hair really long. The second step is to use some sort of adhesive to glue the hair and twist it to form very long spikes. When this is done through the whole hear it looks like the spikes on the Statue of Liberty, thus the name. Today this style has caught up with the rest of the world and people, who are not punk rockers, have started sporting this style too.

History has it that the liberty spikes were prevalent nearly 2000 years ago and the warriors of the celtic tribes living in ancient Britain used to spike up their hair before going to battle.

There are many steps one must follow to get that perfect liberty spiked head. First, hair must be really long and has to be straightened. The next thing one needs to ensure is that the hair is dry as oily hair doesn’t tend to stick much. A strong product is mandatory else the entire idea is a failure. One can section off parts of hair that to be used fro a single spike and tie it with rubber bands. One can resize the bunch any number of times wanted. The product or strong adhesive must be applied while the hair is held taut. One of the best options is to get some help from a friend or family member. After applying the strong product on the hair, it is necessary to blow dry the hair. The tips of the spikes must be sharp and if not obtained can be redone with water, applying more product and twisting.

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