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Ombre hairstyle


Ombre is derived from the French word for “shaded like a gradient” and refers to a particular type of hair highlight where the roots remain dark while the ends blend into light colors. This hairstyle is also referred to as the “surfer strands” owing to the best natural highlights surfers have. The surfers develop this hairstyle as the sun lightens their hair naturally and makes a lovely blend from light to dark. This hairstyle is best suited for natural brunettes and they look best with this style on them.

This trend requires the colorists to add uneven ribbons of a lighter hue and balayage highlights. These highlights are those that are painted directly on the shaft, down the mid shaft to be precise and without using foils or a cap. These look the most believable hair highlights. Hilary Duff is one actor who flaunts the hairstyle with such ease as if the style was custom made to suit her. Lily Aldridge has a gorgeous mane that is deep chestnut toots and fading beautifully to a tawny medium brown. This style has become the most sought after styles after the Victoria’s Secret model, Lily sported them. These bleached out ends appeal to people more and they love the natural looks this hairstyle generates.

While the main idea of ombre is to make the hair as if naturally bleached by the sun and gradually descends from dark roots and light ends, obtaining this style is equally tough and if not done properly can actually be a hairstyle disaster.

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