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Gwen Stefani’s Mini Bouffant


A Bouffant hairstyle is defined as a hair that is piled high on the head as well as hanging down on the sides. This hairstyle was very popular during the mid-to-late 18th century in the places such as Western Europe. During the 1960s, this hairstyle had become very popular in the Western culture. It was created by back-combing the hair and misting the hair with large amounts of hair spray. There are many types of bouffant hairstyle that is found in the present which has been used by most of the celebrities such as Gwen Stefani who has been seen with a small bouffant hairstyle.

To get this type of hairstyle, first section the front of your hair using a comb and take the back section of your hair to create a ponytail high on your head. Then take sections of the hair from the ponytail and comb it against the grain of the hair. Next brush top layer of your ponytail with a soft-bristle brush and smooth it over the ratted layer. Now flip the ponytail forward and use clips to secure it in a horseshoe shape. Use a brush to smooth the ends of your hair and use bobby pins on both sides. Backcomb one section of the front of the hair and mist it using hairspray to sweep it backwards. Pin it with hair clips and pin the ends under the bun.  Backcomb the remaining front section and mist a light hairspray. Then sweep it backwards and pin it using clips.

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