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Mop top Hairstyle


The mop top became popular as a hairstyle following the footsteps of the popular music band, the Beatles. The name originates from the resemblance of the hairstyle to a mop. This hairstyle is for a moderate length of hair. The cut of the hair should be straight and the length should be till the collar at the back as well as the sides of the ears. Following the style of hair worn by jurgen vollmer on a fine morning after a swim, the mop top developed. Actually that day vollmer did not style his air at all and had just left it dangling down the forehead without bothering to style it up. He had fringed hair at the back and the rest of his hair was fully flattened. This is the hairstyle which later was customized and called the mop top. After vollmer moved to the city of Paris, his hair got noticed and according to McCartney’s radio interview in nineteen hundred and seventy nine, McCartney and john asked vollmer to get their hair cut in the same way as he did his. After seeing john and McCartney, George also cut his hair the same way. This piece of fact was evident from McCartney’s letter to vollmer. These people were one of the first enthusiasts to take the plunge into creating a novel fashion statement. And then it became a rage among the commons. The hairstyle was hugely imitated on a mass scale as the Beatles enjoyed incomparable and unmatched popularity.

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