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Mullet hairstyle


This hairstyle is associated with long hair at the back and short hair on the front and on the sides. This hairstyle grew in the 1960s and 1970s but became well known in the 1990s. The mullet type of hair enjoyed continued popularity till the middle of the 1990s. The etymology shows variance among the origins. The movie Cool hand Luke had a character called dragline played by George Kennedy. This character frequently used the term mullet. The hip hop band the beastie boys popularized the term mullet and the term was hence formally coined. The term was first used by the print media for the fanzine called the grand royal magazine of the beastie boys. This hair style is commonly known as the hockey cut or the hockey player cut in North America and Canada. Tom Jones who was a Welsh popular singer sported the cut in public for the first time. David Bowie also sported a mullet in the 1970s. In the sitcom Brady bunch, a mullet was featured by Florence Henderson. The partridge family’s David Cassidy also had a mullet. Paul McCartney had a mullet while being with wings. Following these celebrities their fans also sported mullets. With the years, the mullet grew in size and the bouffant mullet became popular. The mullet got associated with blonde highlighting and spiked hair. Some hair bands grew around this time. Hair bands are bands whose members sport particulars hairstyles like for example Duran Duran, kajagoogoo etc.Β  This type of hairstyle is fondly remembered in Germany.

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