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Odango hairstyle


The term Odango is Japanese. In Japanese it means dumpling. This kind of hair styling is very popular in the country of Japan. Along with the name the hair style is also originally Japanese. This kind of hair style is usually worn by the women. The hair is bound into two spherical buns on the two sides of the head. This is what the term dumpling is also used to imply. In North America, the Odango hairstyle refers to the meatball hairstyle and not the dumpling one. The meatball hairstyle is also similar. The phrase sweet mochi ball was used to replace the term Odango very recently. In china the same hair style is referred to as ox horns. Often Odango hair style is also called double buns or pigtail buns which is in turn also called bobtail hair style. Buns mean twists in the hair. These buns are normally sported by women. There are different kinds of buns. They can be informal buns, formal buns, low buns or high buns. For moderately long or long hair, stylish double bun is good. This kind of hairstyle does not require straightening so natural waves or curls are good. The hair is first twisted or plaited and then bound into a bun. The buns are usually placed at the back of the head. The buns are made and two pigtails of hair usually hang on both the sides. This type of hair is much loved by women and has become very fashionable.

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