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Rihanna’s Bowl Cut


A Bowl cut or a mushroom cut is a type of hairstyle where the hair is cut short all-round the hair which will look like someone has put a bowl on your head. This style gained popularity during the late twentieth century where it resurfaced as a counterculture style. It was also received in America by the teenagers during the 1980s. The bowl cut started fading in the mid-1990s and it has again emerged on the UK music scene along with young bands. The bowl cut has got its name as it was normally created at home by keeping a bowl or a pot on the head and then cutting the remaining hair.

There are different types of bowl cut such as short and shaven bowl cut, where there will be longer hair on top of the head with shaven sides. To get this style, you must shave the hair below the line of the bowl and it only needs you to smooth the hair using a comb before wearing. Next is a bowl cut with bangs that is a modernized way of styling the hair. to get this style, first shave the hair below the ear line down and then cut the remaining hair straight across the ear line. Trim the bangs above your brow line and drawing attention to the eyes. Finally, long, layered bowl cut which is another way of modernized styling. To get this style, it is better to go to hair stylist to make it look perfect.

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