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Christina Ricci’s Pageboy Hairstyle


The Pageboy is a hairstyle that is straight hanging below the ear and turns under at the edge. The most notable feature in this hairstyle is bangs or fringe which gives an edgy and stylish look for those who try this. This hairstyle is a haircut that is usually created over the straight, medium to short length hair. It stops above the shoulders and later hair cut was made just below the ear, where it curls under. Most of the hairstylists can create a pageboy hairstyle and also explain the ways to maintain it. There are few celebrities who chose to have this style as it can give a very unique look.

To get pageboy hairstyle, first wash the hair a bight before you start the styling process and then part the locks in a normal way when the hair is still damp. Collect one inch section of your hair to smoothen it smooth and mist the section using a setting lotion. Hold the section of the hair flat against your scalp and roll the section upward to a stand-up pin curl. Then pin the curl to the scalp and pin must stay slightly off to one side. Start rolling the rest of the hair in one inch sections leaving two rows of three curls behind your head. The side of the head parted with more hair must include four curls. Use a net over the head before going to bed and remove it on the next day.

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