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Pixie cut Haristyle


The pixie cut is a short womanโ€™s hairstyle which is shorter at the sides and back of the head and longer on the top. Short hairstyles were the styles of experimentation by women in the 1920s and the pixie haircut was born. This hairstyle became very popular with rebelling women called flappers and the style was further popularized by actress Mia Farrow in the 1960s.

This style since its birth had never gone out of fashion and had been sported by women of all ages; celebrities included as Halle Berry, Kiera Knightly, Natalie Portman, Many Moore and the recent Emma Watson.

Pixies range from short as 1/2 inch in some to 2-3 inches in other places. The pixie cut is very easy to manage and can be worn in every occasion, casual or special. It is sported by women of confidence who have delicate and angular faces who love to sport short hairstyles. The busy woman finds this style to be the perfect for the lifestyle and schedule they follow. Highlights if added simply draw eyes to this hairstyle.

Even shampooing and conditioning the hair is very easy and this hair generally does not have tangles. The Pixie cut hairstyle when used with layers can also give a cute and stylish look. Fringes can be added to play with the hairstyle and they look good. Even the uncombed hairstyle looks dashing. Girls love their pixie cut as it makes them look confident and adds to their personality.

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