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Ponyhawk Hairstyle


The style ponyhawk is believed to have originated in the Hayes Valley in San Francisco. This style is said to be the portmanteau of the styles ponytail and Mohawk hairstyles and is a little of both. Unlike Mohawk the hair is not cut from the sides of the head, but a lot of pony tails exist from the front of the head to the back.

This ponyhawk hairstyle looks like a tall mokawk in flaccid state. This style is called a ponyhawk because it has resemblance to a horse’s mane. This style was once sported by an American Idol Contestant, Sanjaya Malakar in 2007 and it became the craze from then on. Even host Ryan donned the wig to get a ponyhawk look.

Apart from the very long typical ponyhawks, there are also shorter ponyhawks that look like the faux hawk styles. They are usually worn by men and appear as simple short versions of the Mohawks. Women adorn an more choppy punch haircut of the ponyhawk and they love their styles.

This style can be referred to as the Trojan pride as they wore headgears that had this type of high ponyhawk attachments. The ponyhawks can be made into braids and can be decorated with beads. There is a procedure one must follow in order to make a proper ponyhawk. One must take care that the tension in the hair is not asymmetrical and even tension is maintained while making separate bunches to be tied up in a ponyhawk style and this style works best with long hair.

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