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Ponytail Hairstyle


One of the simplest hairstyles to be present today, this involves the use of all hair on the head to be pulled back and secured at the back of the head with a hair tie or clip and the rest if the hair is allowed to hang freely from that point. This hairstyle derives its name from the tail of a horse or a pony. Hair for the ponytails is mostly secured at the middle of the head or base of the neck.

Today fashion has licensed the tying of hair even at the side of the head, which can be worn over the ear or can be even at the extreme top of the head. The ponytail hairstyle has many names depending on the type of style they are tied in. they may be called pigtails which mat be braided or unbraided if a set of two ponytails are done one either side of the head. They are also called dog ears if they are tied directly above the ears.

Sometimes, people can experience traction alopecia, which is a form of hair loss and it might cause headache. Men were rarely seen with this hairstyle in early Europe. While women use this style as the best way to present oneself at the work environment or in other formal situations while the ponytail might be accompanied by braids or other accessories. This is practical as it keeps the hair out of the eyes as well as neck. This is the most common style for school going girls and the working women.

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