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Pouf Hairstyle


Pouf is a type of hairstyle that was started during the 18th-century and it was first spotted on Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France when she went to attend Louis XVI’s coronation. This style became widespread among all the people in every class as it was very highly creative as well as artistic. The hairstyle can be decorated with ornaments such as pearls, hair jewelry, plumage and headdresses or hats. This style was also well received by other countries in Europe and United Kingdom during the same period. Pouf hairstyle is a very delicate hairstyle and it takes more time for people to create it.

To get this hairstyle, a thin metal frame was used to create the shape and then it used to be padded and intertwined along with pomaded false hair. The pomaded hair must be curled in a very similar way and after completing the shaping and styling, it must be finished with a white or grey powder. The height of the style varied from very subtle three feet or may be sometime it had a height of 6ft. This style can stay for a week before losing its shape and then the hair can be washed and redone again. It takes too much time and also too much money to create this hairstyle as a specialist is needed to create this type of hairstyle. To keep the hairstyle safe, women can wear calashes to protect them from wind and dirt.

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