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Hairstyle With Fishtail Braid


A fishtail braid is perfect way to style the hair for any special occasion as it can make anyone look unique and beautiful. It can be a style for any season whether it is perfectly neat or messy. A 2-strand braid is a very simple way to create this style and you can also create multiple braids to make the look even perfect. The fishtail braid can create a tight herringbone pattern and it will be a perfect choice for those with medium to long hair without any layers. The braid can be created from top of the scalp or even start the braid from a ponytail.

To create a fishtail braid first brush the hair with a comb to remove snags and then start dividing the hair into 2 equal parts. Next mist all over the hair with a fine hairspray and after the hair gets fully dry, start braiding it. Divide a section of the hair from outside edge toward underside of your left section of the hair. Use thin strips of hair to make the fishtail braid look perfect. Take the section of hair starting from left side across the top of the hair and then join it with right section of hair. Cross a section of the hair from right side to left and keep the strands with the same thickness. Continue braiding the hair till the end and leave a tail of unbraided hair at the end.

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