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Mop-Top Hairstyle


The mop-top hairstyle is a mid-length hairstyle that is also called as a Beatle haircut and it has a similar look of a mop. The styling involves straight cut, collar length at the back and ears at the sides along with a straight fringe. The hairstyle was widely imitated all over the world from 1964 to 1966, because of the popularity of Beatles. This hairstyle also created a base for the toy manufacturers to produce real-hair and plastic Beatle Wigs. It also has a shaggy type of style and another layered variation of the moptop was received well by the people recently after singer Justin Bieber. Originally, the hairstyle was spotted on a guy in Hamburg who had gone swimming and left the hair without styling.

The mop-top hairstyle can be created on the hair that is shiny, silky and smooth. So shampoo your hair and then spread a generous amount of hair gel all over the hair. Those who have curly hair they can use strong hair spray or gel to make it smooth and shiny. Then take a left side of the hair along with scissors and start cutting the hair in very short layer. Do the same thing for middle and center sections also to get round shape all over the hair. Make sure the hair is very short layered to make the hairstyle look perfect. At last mist the hair with a hair spray to keep it soft and shiny.

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