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Buzz Cut Hairstyle


The buzz cut is a type of hairstyle that became famous in the United States long time ago. The style has got a American name because it is a type of hairdo that has been named after the sound of electric razor or clipper that is used to cur the hair extreme intimately to your scalp. The buzz cut is also called as skinhead in the places like United Kingdom and it is known as semi in Philippines and GI in Singapore that represents seven different grades. This hairstyle can make the face look more distinct and chin wider. It is also famous among men and women who like to have short hair as it involves very low maintenance. This style is well known among the hip hop culture from the 1990s.

It is very easy to get a buzz cut hairstyle as it involves a very simple process. First take a shower using a shampoo and apply a olive oil or clipper lubricating oil all over the hair. Then use a brush to clear clipper blades of cut hair. Next start cutting the hair approximately a fingers width from your scalp or use a normal razors or electric hair clippers to do this. Try to cut the hair extremely close to the scalp and make sure to leave the hair long in front and on top. This hairstyle is perfect for men and for women it may make them look unique.

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