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Wings Hairstyle


Wings hairstyle is also called as flippies is one of the most popular hairstyle that is liked by the childrenโ€™s. It is also one of the most simple and easy to maintain hairstyle that needs no extra protection. This style was first see during the 1960s and 1970s. It will also look wavy as well as straight and can be created whether the hair short or long. It will just come halfway near your ears and also have a wing type look. Wings hairstyle can be spotted on the present teenagers, especially it is most popular among the skateboarders. The style can range from long to Beatles type hairstyle and there are few celebrities who have created a wing hairstyle including Nicole Richie and Emilie De Ravin.

The wings hairstyle will keep the hair to flip halfway down the ears, instead of above the wearer’s ears and go straight out similar to an airplane wing, so it has received this name. The most easy way to create this hairstyle in by having a normal layered hair. You can also complete the hairstyle by mist all over the hair with a hairspray to avoid any flyaways. You can also curl the hair at the ends for additional look and this hairstyle can make anyone look younger than they actually are. You can also add a hat on and push all the hair which is sticking out upwards around the hat to make it look good.

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