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Beautiful Ofuku Hairstyle


Ofuku hairstyle is one of the most popular Japanese hairstyle and it is also known as split peach as well as momoware hairstyle. This hairstyle can look perfect for those with long hair and in this style large amount of decorations is a must to get a pleasant looking. It is also the most beautiful hairstyle which can be decorated with few interesting variety of kanzashi. The hairstyle has a twist which is split along with a red fabric natural fiber in the center. A tegarami will be in a triangular shape that will be pinned to the underneath of a mage. It is a type of hairstyle which can give a very unique look for anyone, however it takes a lot of hard work to achieve it.

Ofuku hairstyle was first developed by maiko who must grow long hair, Shikomi-san and Minarai-san to make the look very natural. Maiko will have this hairstyle during her training period. This hairstyle will usually worn by young women and later it was developed to get a maturity look. A maiko will next become a geisha switching from red collar for a white one. Only mature maiko will be wearing this hairstyle and the new maiko will be having a different hairstyle known as wareshinobu. Ofuku hairstyle has a knot in the back which will be created by wrapping the hair round using a piece of fabric and in an apprentice geisha, knot will be made of red silk.

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