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This hairstyle has been in use since time immemorial. The aristocratic of earlier times sported the style and the style became synonymous with the higher echelons of the society. The style was most prominent among the rich women in the early French society.

Today the ringlet has been accepted as an elegant style statement. The style finds wide application in the wedding hairstyles. The soft rings that fall very beautifully on the face can make anybody sensuous. The curls have to be strategically placed in order to make the person concerned look dashing.

They have a certain strategy to form and the curls do not always have to be perfect.

The ringlet style can be achieved by wrapping the shaft of hair around a thin hair curling iron or the hair is naturally styled as ringlet for people who have tightly curled hair.

The ringlet hairstyle is known by many names like the tube curls or the corkscrew curls. Women in the early Roman Flavian Dynasty sported the ringlet style. Shirley Temple sported the style which was styled by her mother. Mary Pickford the famous Canadian actress also wore the ringlet hairstyle which was later changed into a bob cut.

Prominent characters from silver screen who wear the ringlet hairstyle include Veruca Salt, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has oversized ringlets; Karin Kanzuki, from Street fighter Alpha series; Nanette Manoir of the Angela Anaconda TV series and Amy Sorel from Soul series.

The ringlet has been the series that people are adopting in leaps and bounds in times of today.

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