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Rattail cut


The look delivered by a rattail cut of the hair resembles the tail of a rat or in other words a long thin stretch of hair or tail dangles behind from the back of the head. In the hairstyling world the rattail cut is not very popular. The rattail cut is most often observed among the men rather the women. The mullet hairstyle relates somewhat to the rattail haircut. In case a person wants the hair to be grown long, a rat tail cut can be useful. In the mid years of the nineteenth century, this rat tail cut was a novel rage in the field. A little portion of the hair is left behind to grow while the rest of the head is shaven. The long tail of hair grows and eventually curls up but it can also be treated as a ponytail or can be curled straightened premed or dread using an iron. A tail can be grown long singularly or several tails can be grown simultaneously. This is according to what the person desires for. Among all the variants of the rattail cut, the classic one is the most popular. The traditional rat tail style has hair at the sides and the top of the head. The hair is trimmed on the top and around the ears. The hair at the back ultimately becomes layered and long. Many women as well as men wear the ponytail type of rattail cut. The ease of carrying the ponytail type of rattail hair is the prime reason for its popularity.

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