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Short back and side hairstyle


For boys or men the hair cut which has always been in trend and will remain are the short back and short side hairstyle. This is the most prominent gender biased haircut one can go for. This hairstyle is solely for the masculine gender. Though few girls also adopt it, but it is very rare and they just want be a distraction to the society. Short back and side hairstyle has been dominating the hairstyle in men for time immemorial.

It was previously very common and had a very little variation. The basic concept behind this hairstyle is cutting the hair from all the sides of your skull leaving around 2 to 3 inches of hair in the middle and front. This kind of hairstyle is cheap and needs no care after the haircut. They are easy to maintain and gives you the look of a boy. Even it is easy for a hairstylist to provide you with a look like this. It comes to you for a cheap price.

Today this haircut has come up with some variation and has become trendier in the modern world. Though the basic concept remains same and the side and back hair are cut short, few modifications are done with the hair on the mid of the skull and the front. The front and the middle hair can be kept longer than 4 inches. Thus giving a fade look as per the hairstylist and the part can be on any side you want. Even you can apply gel to your hairs in the middle to align it the way you want.

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