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The Rachel cut


The Rachel cut was introduced as well as popularized by Jennifer Aniston. It was created by her hair styler. It is now a very fashionable hair cut for women. The women very ordinarily expect to look gorgeous sexy and beautiful when they go for this cut. The earliest introduction of this hairstyle was in the 1990s and is known to suit the young women mostly. The Rachel cut involves the angling of the hair on the front to reach slightly below the chin and the rest of the hair remains in long simple layers. The Rachel cut matches almost all shapes of the face.Β  Wavy and straight hair is the best to wear the Rachel cut. The ease of cutting as well as maintaining is the two of the prime reasons for the women to pick this style. The hair is heavily layered and the length of the hair remains till the shoulder. The character of Rachel green was played by Jennifer Aniston on the popular TV show friends and this is when the Rachel cut got admired. The layered hairstyle of Jennifer aka Rachel became popular as the Rachel cut. Shiny brown hair is the texture on which this cut looks the best. If the face shape is long, the Rachel cut gets along well. Fine conditioning and regular trimming is required to maintain the Rachel cut. A long easy layer is to be kept at the front that falls a little below the chin. A round moderate sized brush and a flat iron are to be used to straighten the hair if curled.

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