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Regency Hairstyle


Regency hairstyle is a very old way to style the hair which was started during the 1800s and it is also gives a soft as well as romantic look. This style is characterized by tall powdered wigs and it is mostly worn by women of ancient Rome and Greece. In the present day, this hairstyle has been worn along with few modifications which gives them a different style that can be noticed on most of the celebrities. This style which can be considered as a classic way of styling the hair can easily reminds about the time of elegance.

To get this hairstyle, brush the hair to remove the tangles and part the hair down the middle starting from forehead till the nape of the neck. Then part the hair horizontally ear to ear and make sure to keep it a little in front of the ears. Use a comb down from the crown of your head while creating the part and there must be four sections. Start braiding the sections loosely behind your back and use a clear hair band at the bottom of it. Create a bun slightly below the crown and pin the ends underneath the bun. Comb the front sections of hair and use a clear hair band on the section just above the ear. Pull the front braid back hiding the braid’s loose end and finally pin the braid at the bun and mist a hairspray over the hair.

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