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French twist hairstyle


One of the most elegant looking hairstyles, the French twist is an updo hairstyle. Though named the French twist hairstyle, the style is sported by people far and wide and influential members of the society including the top female actors of the industry.

The French twist hairstyle is created by gathering the hair into a low ponytail which is not secured and twisting the ponytail in the upward direction, till it turns in on itself against the head and is later secured with pins, clips, sticks or comb.

The French twist is a common hairstyle in proms and weddings and people look their best in this hairstyle when they are in a tight fashion. The style also looks good when it is messier and worn loosely over the head. Clips are the most common accessories with the French twist hairstyles.

There are certain steps that must be followed when creating a beautiful French twist.

First, the hair has to be combed smoothly backwards from the forehead and has to be gathered at the nape. The style is preferred if the hair is slightly to the left. The hair has to be held 3 inches from the ends and one can even use the styler glossy waxes to manage the loose hair and give it an extra shine.

The hair has to be twisted to the right to create a roll effect and has to be secured and tightened. The hair ends should stick out from the top.

The finishing touches can be added by using bobby pins and finished with a hairspray.

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