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Quiff Hairstyle



Made popular by Tintin, the quaff hairstyle combines the 1950s pompadour hairstyle and the flattop and again sometimes the Mohawk hairstyle. The hairstyle which is derived from the french word coiffe that refers to either a hairstyle and can date back to the mail that knights wore over their heads. The hairstyle was made popular during the British movement of Teddy Boy. And the style rose to fame again during the 1980s with the rise of the early psychobilly styles including the Meteors and Demented Are Go.

Also the DJ and TV presenter Mark Lamarr was a patron of the quiff hairstyle. Mark Kermode sports the impeccably coiffured quiff who was a popular film critic and reviewer.

The singer Morrissey possesses the most prominent quiff hairstyle. The style had been parodized by the Leningrad Cowboys and it is their signature style.

The hairstyle started to fade after the 1980s and was only worn by the ardent 80s fans. The quiff hairstyle was again revived in the 1990s and the modern French crop which is a modern version of the quiff is in fashion today. The year 2000 saw the style being appreciated by the women too who started to pull the fringe back into a quiff and wear it with a ponytail.

Jedward, the Irish pop music star wears her signature blond quiff and has been described in a segment of the x factor in 2009.

The style however was back with a bang when the Belgian comic character Tintin which appeared in his adventure series when the car he jumped into drives off in speed causing his hair to rise into a quiff.

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