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Ribbon Bow Hairstyle


Ribbon Bow hairstyle is mostly worn by little girl’s and it is also noticed on few celebrities. This hairstyle is a perfect way to get a unique look. You can make the bow look larger and fuller to add extra loop. In case you like to reduce the loops in the bow, try to create a simple and elegant look hairstyle. To create this hairstyle, the hair must be clean to make it look beautiful. One of the most important thing that is needed to get this style is looping the ribbon back and scrunching it under the thumb until you create many loops. You can also use another piece of ribbon to tie it off around the center of the loops.

To get a ribbon bow hairstyle, start by spreading a little amount of straightening cream all over the hair when it is still damp. Then blow dry the hair with a paddle brush and apply a little amount of serum to pull the hair back to create a ponytail. Next divide the ponytail into 3 different sections such as right, left and middle. Start looping the right section from front to back and keep it on the middle near the hair tie. Also do the same thing for the left section too. Loop the middle section up and back. Then include a bow hairpiece over the ponytail and tuck the hair ends underneath the bow to end the styling process.

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