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Rope Braid Hairstyle


The Rope Braid hairstyle is a perfect way to style the hair for any occasion as it can give a tidy look for anyone with long hair. The style can easily attract anyone and you can also use safety pins to join the ends of the hair to make the look perfect. Braiding the hair is a very simple way of keeping the hair neat and polished. It is very simple, if you try to add a twist to the French braid, it can be called as a rope braid. Most of the celebrities have been seen with hairstyle even on the red carpet. This hairstyle is preferred by people who have thick and long hair.

To get a rope braid hairstyle, apply a little amount of styling gel on the hair when it is still damp. Next take a triangular piece of the hair from your forehead which extends back to the top of your head. Take triangular section of the hair and create three sections and start crossing the right strand over center strands of hair. Take remaining two strands over other and cross left strand over the center strand. Take all three strands to one side twisting the braid and reposition it. Take a strand of the hair from right side and cross it over center strand. Then take strand of the hair from the left side and cross it over center strand. Finally flip the braid once again and reposition the strands.

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