The Flip Hairstyle

The flip hairstyle that was one of the most brilliant hairstyles in the 1960s has endured through the years and has aged gracefully. The hairstyle which was back brushed at the top and slightly curled out at the ends and was favored by the younger women who kept shoulder length hair.

There had been many experiments with the hairstyle. The flip style was combined with the bouffant hairstyle and large rollers were used to create the style. Sometimes around 25 rollers were commissioned and the hair was set to dry on them. A lot of hairspray was applied and the hair was teased vigorously and the final touches were provided by brushing the top layers on the head into a smooth barrel or a bubble shape.

The popularity of the style and the elegant look associated with it gave rise to many other complicated designs and fancy names. Female actors have made the style popular and they have become synonymous with the 60s. The styles of flips are many and they all have a separate identity.

Mary Tyler sported the classic flip style on the sets of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” which was actually a flip bouffant combination. This style caught the people’s attention and was quickly popularized.

The Miss America contestants wore the flip with grace and the style also came to be known as the “Miss America or beauty pageant hairstyle”. Lesley Gore had one serious flip hairstyle and she carried herself with grace.

The flip looks great when it ends between the chin and ears.

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