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Line up Hairstyle


The line-up cannot be categorized as a specific haircut, but is actually hairstyles of different kinds which are cut very short. The types of hairstyles that can be trimmed into the line-up cut include the crew cut, the butch cut, the flat-top etc. This hairstyle is mostly seen among men who are black skinned and the hairstyle suits their face. Women too sport a different sort of the style and there are also longer versions of the line-up cuts in the barber shops. Instead of the natural hair lining the sides of the face and forehead, the hair is cut and the forehead has a sharp outline. The hairstyle makes sharp angles at the temples and then can taper down into a pencil thin shape or very long sideburns that extend below the bottom of the ear.

To maintain this hairstyle, regular shaving is necessary as this hairstyle is taken over very easily by the natural growth of the hair and slight stubbles begin to appear very fast in this hairstyle. Modifications on the butch hairstyle where all the hair on the top is cut to the same length and the line-up hairstyle are added; but this only suits a few people. Always go to a good barber to get a great looking line-up who can design a short pompadour, crew cut and many more suiting the dimensions of the face, neck, hair-line and head shape. The short pompadour style that is converted into the line-up style is made shorter at the top with the longest hair in front and shorter at the back of the crown.

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