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Long hair


While women take pride in their long hair, this hairstyle of long hair is a diva’s choice. The hairstyle looks sensuous and mesmerizing and can be styles into any style one prefers. Though women dominate this section of hairstyle, men are not far behind. It has become a fashion for men today to sport long hair.

This hairstyle looks good only when one has a healthy growth of hair and appreciable thickness. This long hair hairstyle is a style that has come from ancient times. Women and influential men of the society generally kept long hair. Warriors in ancient times too regarded the long hair as a sign of their pride and power. Cropping away the long hair would mean taking away a part of their pride and power.

The definition of Long hair also varies from one religion to another. The long hair signifies youth and fertility and is seen as a sign of female attractiveness generally all throughout the world and referred by both men and women.

There are certain cultures which see men sporting long hair as a sign of defying the rules set by them and such men love to live in the norms that are not constrained by the rules of their religion.

A long, glossy hair is beautiful but it requires a lot of maintenance. The types of long hair vary and can be from chin length in some cultures to ankle length or more in certain others. Growing a long hair requires sheer dedication and letting the hair grow for many years.


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