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Bohemian Hairstyle


The Bohemian Hairstyle is one of the most successful hairstyles ever present which is also used by many celebrities. The style gives a very natural as well as beautiful look. Some the styling also involves hippie headband which can a very unique look for anyone. The hippie headband style was very popular during the 1970s which is also liked by most of the celebrities. The bohemian hairstyle is a very maintenance hairstyle which involves a simple process. To get this hairstyle, first you must make sure that the length of the hair is medium or long. This style can naturally increase your beauty and it can easily attract anyone.

To get this hairstyle, first part the hair in the middle of the head or you can create a zigzag parting in the middle of your head. Then use a headband around the head over the forehead and avoid tucking the hair behind the ears. Pull a little amount of hair up using your fingers to add a volume above the headband. If you want create bangs, make it under the headband. If the bangs are very long part them over the side of the head. In case you don’t to wear a headband, braid a section of the hair starting from lower side of the head and wrap it around your head in place of the headband. You can pin the braided hair using bobby pins or use elastic to secure it.

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