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Two-Toned Hairstyle


Hair color can add more attraction to your hairstyle and it has been a very unique way to style the hair that can be of any length. Two-toned hair color is a beautiful way of styling the hair that involves two contrasting hair colors. If you like to have a subtle look, there are few methods that can showcase two-toned hair color in a very gradual way also. This type of hairstyle has been embraced by fashionably avant-garde set for many decades. In the recent times, a muted version has been mainly used by most of the actresses. Maintaining a two-toned hair color can be difficult for few people as it involves coloring process which can take some time.

Here are few techniques which can be used in styling the hair with a two-toned hair color. The first one is the most dramatic way of styling the hair and it also features lighter color on top a much darker color. Both the colors can be paired with all the under-layers colored in dark and the top layers colored in light. The next styling is bold steaks which are meant to stand out. The streaks color can be blonde or black which depends on your preference. Another style is more subtle two-tone hairstyle known as balayage. In this balayage color must be painted over the hair to create a natural look. You can use these methods to create a beautiful and unique style.

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