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Traditional Mohawk Hairstyle


The Mohawk Hairstyle has become very popular style among the American men and women. In the present day there are different ways to create the Mohawk hairstyle and one among them is the Traditional Mohawk hairstyle where the head will be shaved on both the sides leaving the hair down the center of your head. This hairstyle was started by indigenous tribes in the Great Lakes region sometimes ago which was specially used by the warriors going off to war. The women started wearing this hairstyle with traditional bear grease or tied back into a single braid.

To get a Mohawk Hairstyle first you need to shave the sides of your head up toward the center. Make sure to leave a one inch strip down the center of the head starting from forehead to the nape of the neck. Then cut the remaining hair down the middle of the head and to get the desired length you can use a clipper. You can also sue hair dyes all over the hair with multiple bright tones including pink, lime green and blue. Next divide the eggs and mix egg whites using a fork. Coat the Mohawk hairstyle with a layer of egg whites to make the hair stiff and make it stand out. You can also use a hair gel to mist all over the hair. If you are planning to get a very unique hairstyle, this hairstyle will be the perfect choice.

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