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Coontail Hairstyle


A Coontail Hairstyle is very unique of styling the hair where a section of the hair till be dyed which will make it look like a tail. This style can be achieved by using bleach or hair dye which depends on the color of the coon tails that suits your hair. This hairstyle is mostly like young girls to create a very unique look. The coontail stripes will be usually blond, dark brown or black and it can be created by using contrasting color. To create this hairstyle, you must make sure that you hair long enough to make the look perfect, because having small hair will face problems.

To get a Coontail Hairstyle, first clean the hair and use a flat iron to make it straight. Then divide the hair into a section and scotch tape around stripes which needs to have its original color. For those with blond hair, the wrapped stripes can be left as it is and dye the hair that is left off. Next mix the hair dye and apply it over the left fresh hair using a rubber gloves to protect the hands. You can also use a small makeup brush to apply the dye over the hair. Leave the dye to dry on its own and try to rinse off the dye as you can. After taking a shower remove the tape that was wrapped around the hair in the beginning to end the styling.

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