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Preppy Hairstyle


The Preppy Hairstyle gives a neat and polished look for those with medium length hair. The style became popular during the 1950s and it has evolved into a classic style. The sleek and straight hairstyle has been commonly associated with the preppy hairstyle and this style can be transformed to fit any type of look in a matter of minutes. This hairstyle can be created on any type of hair, but the length of the hair must be at least medium. To get this hairstyle, first the hair must be washed to make the look perfect.

To get a Preppy Hairstyle, start by washing and conditioning hair. Then towel dry the hair and divide it into sections while blow drying the hair. To add extra volume to the roots, bend and flip the hair over the head during while drying the hair. Apply a little amount of smoothing hair cream over the damp hair and use your hands to distribute it properly. Ensure the part is straight from front to back, without zigzags. Next separate the hair into sections and use a flat iron to make the hair extra sleek and to get a polished look. Flip the hair ends inside or outside after drying the hair with a round brush. Next part your hair in the center with a fine-tooth comb. Finally you can also add any type of hair accessories to make the look more beautiful and end your styling.

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