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The Part Hairstyle


The part hairstyle is the simplest of all hairstyles and only requires a comb. Dividing your hair into two parts, equal or unequal and brushing the two parts away from each other forms what is called the part hairstyle.

This hairstyle is popular both among men and women and they can be used as casual as well as corporate looks. A healthy hair that has been freed from the tangles looks good with the part hairstyle.

People who have short hair can gel it and implement the part hairstyle and they look great in that. Long hair too parted looks simple, authentic and mesmerizing.

There are two types of part hairstyle, the middle part and the side part. In the middle part, the hair is divided into two along the line that starts from the middle of the forehead and reaches the middle of the nape. The hair is then taken in two equal bunches and the two halves are brushed in an opposite manner down towards each ear.

In side part hairstyle the hair is divided into two unequal bunches where one bunch is thick and the other is thin. Symmetry is liked by all and whatever be the type of art one does, it must be ensured that the ends of the hair remains at the same level.

One can also combine many hairstyles into the part such as the braids and decorate the hair with clips, regular or pretty, ribbons, beads; but one must not brush the hair strongly or agitate it much because it might damage the hair.

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