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Surf Hairstyle


Surf hairstyle has been used by many people from a long time and it has been worn by celebrities too. Their style has never gone out of style due to its versatility. It has been popular for a long time because of its appeal of surf culture or joy of being free. There is no exact time when the hairstyle was originated and it is also said that it has been worn by the celebrities some time ago which started this type of hairstyling. To create this hairstyle, you must wash the hair completely using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to start the styling.

Next use a little amount of texturizing product all over the hair which will add true surfer texture to your hair. Dry the hair upside-down to add more body to the hair. For long hair, spread a mousse before starting the drying process. For naturally wavy or frizzy hair, air-dry or use a diffuser all over the hair. Apply the mousse on your finger and rake the hair to spread the product all over the hair. For wavier look, scrunch the hair while spreading a gel over the hair. To create beach waves overnight rip an old T-shirt into one inch sections and wrapping two inch sections of dry hair around a strip of cloth and gently tie the T-shirt strands. At last scrunch the hair to add a texturizing look to the hairstyle and end the styling.

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