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Reverse Mullet


A Reverse Mullet is also known as a tellum which has a similar look of the mohawk hairstyle. Mullet is spelled back which becomes tellum. The hairstyle will also look like a bad haircut gone worse and edgy look along with a hint of sensuality. It has large sections of hair that are razor cut close to the head to get a chunky cropped look. Then the locks are around the face will fall on the sides of the shoulders. A concave and angled or side-swept bang is perfect match to this hairstyle. To style the choppy layers of a reverse mullet you must use a strong lifting as well as holding products including gel and hair spray.

A hair gel must be applied on the tips of the layer cluster around the face to get a pointed appearance. Spread the hair gel all over the short layers around the head which will spike the hair out to get a contrasting frame around the long bangs. At last you can use a little amount of shining hairspray to keep the style in place all day long. This hairstyle was very popular during the 1980s and early 1990s where most of the skateboarders and punk rockers were spotted with a similar hairstyle. One of the most used hairstyle is reverse mullet that is laid back and the front portion of the mullet which will extend well beyond the rear portion covering past the shoulder line.

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