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Geisha Hairstyle


The Geisha Hairstyle is mainly used by geisha who are Japanese performance artist taking part in classical music and dance. These people have become more popular because of their elaborate makeup, dress and hairstyle. Anyone can get a Geisha hairstyle for formal wear. This hairstyle is very complex, rounded up-dos that are usually supported with fabric to get the height and correct shape. Creating this hairstyle can consume a lot of time when compared to any other similar hairstyle. This style has changed over the years and the hair must be long enough to make the hairstyle look perfect.

To get a Geisha hairstyle, first wash the hair using a volumizing shampoo. Then spread a mousse all over the hair and use a round brush to blow dry the hair straight. Next tease the hair underneath to create volume. Divide the hair into 3 sections one at the top and two on both the side of the head. Flip the hair back on top of your head to create a spoof and secure it using pins at the crown. Mist the top section of the hair with a holding hairspray. Take one section of the hair and roll it around the hand to create a wide roll and do the same on the other side too. Take the remaining hair and roll it at the nape of your neck. Finally add a chopstick crossing each other at the back of your head to make the hairstyle look attractive.

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