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Hump Hairstyle


The hump hairstyle is way of styling the hair with a poof or it is a way to add a natural volume to the hair. It is perfect way of styling the hair for women with bangs or when they try to create a high ponytail. The hair will be teased before creating the back hump which will help to add more volume to the hair. To get the best result, avoid washing the hair after putting it into a hump hairstyle. The natural oils in your hair will help hold the poof. It is one of the most used hairstyle by the celebrities as well as the regular people. It can be created sleek as well as straight and it also takes very less time to create it.

It is very easy to create this hairstyle, first brush the hair back to make it smooth along with no visible part. Then collect a section of the hair starting from your forehead to the crown. Start twisting the collected hair to create a ponytail. Try to twist the hair a couple times to keep the hair secure. Push the hair forward to bump it up a little bit. You can use bobby pins to secure the back bump of the hair and mist all over the hair with a hairspray to avoid any flyaways. The hump hairstyle is one of most perfect and beautiful way to style the hair that is long.

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