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Hairstyle With Ribbons


A hairstyle with ribbons can add more flair to any type of hair and ribbons can also help to decorate normal as well as bland hair. The ribbon used, with the material and color can help to coordinate the hairstyle with any outfit. They can be used in place of tiara or head garland in case of a wedding. There are many ways which can be followed to use any type of ribbon to the hair such as to decorate a ponytail, tie a long hair back of the head, create braids, waving the ribbon into the braid and more. Most of the celebrities also use a ribbon to tie the hair to get a unique look.

Create a low side ponytail and tie it with a elastic. You can cover the elastic with a ribbon bow to decorate the hair. You can also tie the hair back of the head with the ribbon to create a low ponytail. Another way to decorate the hair with a ribbon is creating 3 braids at the back of the head and secure it with an elastic. Create a tight bun and end it with a middle braid. Secure the hair using elastic and wrap it with a ribbon around the bun. Another way includes weaving the ribbon into the braid after creating a ponytail. By using a silver color or gold color ribbon, you can also create a princess look after brushing the hair to create a bow.

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