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Bai Ling’s Unique Hairstyle


Bai Ling’s hairstyle is sure to shock the onlookers as it gives her a very unique look. Anyone who is looking to make their look funky they can try out this hairstyle. To get this type of hairstyle is very easy, first add a little amount of straightening cream on your hands and spread it all over the damp hair. Then use a comb to create a middle part which can make the small, round face to appear longer and thinner. Next use a medium radial brush to smooth out wavy as well as curly hair textures and also to add more body to the hair. Use a radial brush with a pure bristle without damaging the hair.

Then blow-dry the hair in small sections from the back of your head and tilt the head forward during this process. Make sure to keep the brush one inch below the hair roots. Once the hair becomes dry straighten the by using a comb or iron. Use a little amount of wax to add it over the mid-lengths and ends. Then spread a smoothing shine on your palms to apply it over the hair and make sure to add it over the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. At last you can apply a generous amount of hairspray over the top and sides of the hair. Never use too much of hairspray as it may look like a white, flaky residue over your hair.

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