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Streak Hairstyle


Streak hair can add more attraction to your look. It is a perfect way to style the hair to make it more attractive. It is very simple and easy ways to get a streak hairstyle and it doesn’t involve any high cost items. You just need to bleach your hair very patiently. It can also be sign of adding adventure to your look. Here are few ways that can be followed to create a beautiful streak hair after consulting a hair specialist to make the things easier.

To get this hairstyle, first select what type of hair color you will use on the hair. The streaking process may be started through bleaching the pieces of your hair and then adding color all over the separated streaks. You can also go to a beauty supply store to get salon quality products including powder bleach, hair color, gloves and other items to support your hairstyle. Try to wear an old shirt and then use an old towel during the bleaching process as it may damage the items that you use. Add one oz powder bleach along with two and half fl oz of cream developer. Next divide the hair and start spreading the bleach mixture over the pieces of hair. After covering the entire strip of hair, try to cover using foil and fold. Finally use a hair dye all over the bleached pieces and then rinse your hair thoroughly to end the styling.

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