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Creating A Bantu Knot-Out


The Bantu knot is a very common hairstyle which is liked by most of the people. This style can be achieved with the hair that is thick and curly. This offers instant hair protection to the hair by keeping the ends neatly tucked under the knot. The Bantu knot-out styling is a method that is referred to making and removing a knot which can be created on short hair which is about 2 inches long.

To create a Bantu Knots first part the damp hair into sections and keep each sections at least 1 inch wide. To create a loose hairstyle, make each section at least 2-3 inches wide and then secure the hair with clips. Take a section of the hair and spread a little amount of gel over the hair to hold the style in place. Then twist the section of the hair using your fingers in a spiraling motion. The hair should look similar to a rope and then spray it lightly using water. Next wrap the twisted section of the hair in a circular motion to create a knot and secure the hair ends using hairpins in case it is 2 inch long to prevent flyaways. In case the hair is too long, tuck the ends underneath the knot. Do the same things for other sections too and leave the hair to dry naturally. The knots will need lot of time to become dry and settle down tightly.

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