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The Bo Derek hairstyle grabbed eyeballs for the first time in the beach sequence of the 1979 Blake Edwards comedy film, 10. The actress Bo Derek sported her blonde cornrows in the film, which did wonders for her petite frame and made it a trend that spread like wild fire among men and women alike. It was not only something startlingly impressive but also asserted a sense of individuality to the wearer.

It is a well known hair grooming method in Western Africa but has gained popularity worldwide among all ages and interestingly among both sexes .It involves the hair being braided very intricately close to the scalp to create rows of slightly raised prominent plaits. The main idea behind achieving this look is to take very small quantity of hair together to braid a single plait. The entire hairstyle hence will consist of numerous such thin plaits that will run from the beginning of the forehead up to the tip of the hair following a straight pattern. It is a very fascinating style with lots of scope for exhibiting one’s talent and creativity at hairstyling. Essentially the Bo Derek hairstyle means straight braids plaited right up to the tip depending upon the length of the hair, but there can be varieties of designs that can be created with these cornrows. The tips are usually decorated with beads, shells and other decorative items to give it a very rustic Caribbean look. In a nutshell, the Bo Derek hairstyle might be a little tedious to execute without help, but can be very artistic and captivating to the eye.


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