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Spiky Hair Hairstyle


For women long straight hairs can provide her with an elegant look. Long straight hairs are the kind of hair which makes you look natural and presentable. Long straight hairs are usually hard to maintain if you don’t have it in your trait. Hair styling makes a lot of difference. Unless you know what will suit your stature and dress then you are proceeding towards fashion faux paw. Long hairstyle is natural with many people. Considering they are lucky one in the mass you can also have this hairstyle for yourself.

Long straight hairstyle goes best with women with a tall stature and a long face. This hairstyle covers their face and makes them look stunning. There are many kinds of modifications available for this kind of hairstyle. Firstly the different kind of haircut can be applied on them to make you look appealing; the precision cut, step cut or variable layer cut. Long hairs can also be modified by adding features to them so that you do not get bored with your straight hairs. For this having fringes on a side or adding bangs to a part of the hair can create a difference. Though long hairstyle itself makes you look gorgeous but few add curls or locks to give it a proper finish.

The other big modification which can be done with your hair is adding different shades to the locks making your straight hair prominent. For people those who do not have a natural hair for them regular nourishing of the hair should be done and must consult their hairstylist.

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