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Spiky hair hairstyle


Hairstyles are something unique that can help you look impressive even when you are standing in a mob. Spiky hairstyle is a vibrant hairstyle and holds lot of energy in it. Spiky hairstyles are generally a trend in the youth of the generation. This makes them the look grown up. It is easy to make and gives you the zealous look. This can be used by people of any age and by both men and women but suits best on men mostly for parties and social outings. This provides you a break from your professional life.

The way to get such a hairstyle is easy; things you need are a comb, enough of gel, dryer and a bit of wax. The process is very simple and does not need professional help to apply this hairstyle on you. First you need to smear your hair with a bit of water. Water gives it the ability to hold the gel. Then it is time for you to apply the gel. Once you are done with it, make use of your dryer. Dry the hair. This will give you the rough spiky look which will be a casual spike for you. To give it a cream and glittery look you need to work a bit harder. After this you need to use the comb to pull the hair back away from the scalp. This will make the hair gain the height. Lastly the application of the wax will give you the charming look you desire.

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