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Yuliya Tymoshenko, the ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine was one among the few trendsetter politicians in the world. Her hairstyle was a sensation of its own, especially since it came from someone with a strong political background. It is the perfect example of an eponymous hairstyle that becomes a statement thanks to Yuliyaโ€™s long association with it.


The hairstyle is trademarked by Yuliyaโ€™s blonde hair braided at the crown. It is not a very complex procedure involving just the entire hair to be swept up in to a neat crown braid. The hair is treated with texturizing agents before it is blow dried to make the hair easier to grip. Then using serum it is neatly sectioned into a middle parting or a slightly side parting. This helps the hair to stay in place even after the hairstyle is completed to avoid a messy look and unwanted fly-away. Then the hair is braided right from the end of the skull into a long single tight braid. This braid is then brought up from the right base to the crown region and made to curve against the shape of the head downwards to the left base of the skull. The end of the braid is effectively pinned up to the head with the help of bobby pins. For those who prefer to be on the safe side, the crown braid can also be fastened to the hair with the help of hidden pins. To hold this style in place the last but the most important step is the application of hair spray to make the hair stay in place.

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