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Flapper Hairstyle


The Flapper Hairstyle was much popular during the 1920s where few women used to wear this beautiful hairstyle. This hairstyle looked too close to the head and can be created with the hair that is straight or curled. This type of style can be created with modern appliances which can make the hair look flatter.

To get this hairstyle, first Part the hair from the middle or on the side of the head. Comb the bangs forward or comb the hair off to the side. Use a flat iron to straighten the hair and add a silky-smooth texture. Also use the flat iron to curl the ends of the hair. Spread a little amount of pomade on your hand and apply it over the top of the hair to make it smooth. Place a bobby pin on both sides of your hair to pull it back from your face and keep it in place. To get finger waves, wash the hair and spread a setting gel all over the hair. Collect a two inch section of the hair and flip the bobby pin over it. Now keep your forefinger at one inch lower than the bobby pin to create wave in the hair. Then collect two inch section of the hair at the back of the hair from first section to repeat the pinning process again to create waves. Finally remove the bobby pins and comb the hair to end the styling.

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