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Hairstyle With Barrel Curls


The hairstyle with barrel curls can make anyone look beautiful. You can create this type of hairstyle by using a flat iron which can also be used for creating versatility in hairstyling. With the flat iron, you can straighten the hair and also add body to the locks. This type of hairstyle can be made with any type of flat iron and in the early days it was created with plastic rollers and hot rollers.

To get a hairstyle with barrel curls, first Comb the hair completely to remove all the snags and tangles to create smooth as well as shiny curls. Then apply a little amount of heat-protective serum on your hand and apply it all over the hair. Avoid using the serum on the roots as it can weigh the hair down and make it look dirty. Pin the fine section of the hair about one inch away from your scalp and start midway down the hair to curl the lower section. Then twist the wrist before sliding the flat iron down the section of your hair. Keep the flat iron in the position while sliding it all the way down the lock of your hair. After removing your hair from the flat iron, it will be in the shape of a barrel curl. Try to remove the flat iron as soon as possible as it may make the curls tighter and also evident if you leave it for a long time.

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